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Top ten Most Intimately Prolific Lesbians and Bisexuals Of Old Hollywood

You should’ve been alive like 100 years ago because DAMN these ladies were BUSY if you think celesbian gossip these days is crazy. Well, I suggest, we’re pretty sure these people were busy it happened, it’s likely the other swore it didn’t— it’s hard to know for certain in most of these cases, ’cause even […]

Probably the aftereffects of financial sitting on HIV prevalence among bisexual and gay

Poverty happens to be identified because of the un Population Fund (2003) as a critical element in the spread and remedy for HIV. For all homosexual and bisexual guys of color, financial inequalities increase the pernicious ramifications of oppression and homophobia. For instance, in a seven-city research of HIV prevalence among young homosexual and bisexual […]