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6th grade tips that are dating. Australia’s Bigfoot?

A Yowie is just a big hominid (primate) which based on Aboriginal and European Australian folklore is thought to inhabit the Australian Wilderness. Sightings have already been documented since colonial times. The Yowie is a big humanoid mammal frequently described to be bi-pedal (walking on two foot) standing 7-8 feet high covered with thick hair […]

A tearful premiere, a Sundance purchase plus the stranger-than-fiction household drama behind Lulu Wang’s ‘The Farewell’

It’s Monday during the Sundance movie Festival and filmmaker Lulu Wang is wiping away happy-sad rips in the midst of the most extremely crucial 72 hours of her life. This has been already an extraordinarily psychological couple of days. Strangers keep coming up to Wang from the snow-covered roads of Park City after seeing her […]