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The #1 Site for Free Sex Dating vЂ“ Adult Hookup App 1

The #1 Site for Free Sex Dating vЂ“ Adult Hookup App 1

Whether it was a business trip one-night rack or a "bisexual bonobo" birthday celebration, Zhana Vrangalova wants to know all about your most recent hookup.

The sex researcher and NYU teacher is supporting The Casual Sex Project, a recently-launched site which asks individuals to anonymously submit their hookup stories. Vrangalova expects that sharing these stories will help demystify casual sexual experiences.

According to Vrangalova, most media coverage of hookup culture concentrates on college students, offering a skewed view of who is doing what, when in their own lives they are doing this, and if these casual sex encounters are detrimental.

There is so much discussion about the hookup culture nowadays, about hooking up completely replacing dating on college campuses and young people generally, about casual sexual invading the sensual area and interrupting time honored customs and standards. But most [people] seldom get to hear about specific casual sexual encounters other than those of the nearest friends, and so have a very limited idea of what that could involve. So I believed it would be useful for people to have somewhere to share their tales of hookups, at a kind of structured and organized manner, and to read about other people’s experiences this manner.

Some research has suggested that casual sex is "bad" for women — hooking up is connected to anxiety and depression, and "promiscuous" women are judged more harshly by their own peers. In accordance with Vrangalova, The Casual Sex Project doesn’t seek to invalidate the experiences of individuals for whom this is true, but rather allows individuals a platform to examine their particular experiences irrespective of how they felt about them at the end.

Individuals interested in submitting their story fill out a questionnaire that asks about the sexual experience, activities involved, consent, contraceptive precautions, the very best and worst thing about the hookup, and if it was a positive or negative experience in general. "On The Casual Sex Project so far, most people have shared hookup tales they don’t regret at all," Vrangalova stated in a May 22 meeting with Nerve.

Vrangalova expects that the project will help educate people about the truth of this "hookup culture" — specifically, that casual sexual encounters are incredibly variable, and not bad for the people involved.

"Hookups are so often presented as black or white, good or bad, but it isn’t this homogenous matter," Vrangalova told HuffPost. "There is such a plethora of activities, Alldaybang feelings, hopes and expectations, spouse preferences and behaviours, outcomes, circumstances. It is my hope that this project will help people see these nuances. "


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